PROFIL fasteners are suitable for use in different materials.
The mechanical joining technology allows optimum combinations of materials.

  • Optimum economic efficiency
  • Compared to thermal joining procedures, mechanical attachment costs about a third less because the number of intermediate steps such as temporary storage, transport within the plant, welding and quality assurance measures is greatly reduced. The investment costs are lower than those for thermal procedures. There are no costs for rework.
  • Process reliability
  • Suitable for surface-coated metals and sandwich metals
  • Suitable for many different types of metal materials, from aluminium to high strength steels (Rm = 1500 MPa tensile strength)
  • Highly accurate positioning
  • No functional impairment or damage to components, e.g. by weld spatters
  • No effects on the environment or production of waste materials as a result of the process
  • High static and dynamic stability of the joint
  • Female threads can be fixed