Robot-controlled placement

Robot-controlled placement in the body in white shop
Ideal application for bodywork with large preformed metal pieces and component parts with fastener elements assembled in different planes. The robot carries the component to a stationary press or it carries a mobile press to the component. This translates into an advantage with regard to speed as compared to other methods such as welding, for example. Cycle times <1.5 s can be realised, dependent on peripheral conditions.

Variant 1: Stationary C-frame Press (tool)

The robot moves the sheet metal component to the punching operation. One or more C-frame presses; e.g. if the fasteners are arranged on different planes, the component is placed in the station; several fasteners are inserted in one stroke. Manual feeding of the sheet metal part and/or the fastener ensures a high degree of flexibility at low investment costs.

Variant 2: Robot carries processing tool

The robot moves the processing tool to the punching operation for the sheet metal part. C-clamp (tool) directly attached to the robotic arm; feeding station is in the cell so that the robotic arm has a free range of movement and is not connected to the feeding device. The magazine size for the C-clamp is dependent on the number of fasteners required for one work cycle.